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The Silver Edge
The Silver Edge provides one of the finest Colloidal
Silver generators available.
This is a product that I have been using for about a year.
Colloidal Silver is quite amazing and has been used for
about 80 years to fight disease and infections both
externally and internally.
It is one of the very few things that has been proven
effective against even Anthrax, and can be made at home for
less than a dollar a quart!
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First-ever cure for Alzheimer's
You may have already seen this startling statement
from Dr. David Williams who has spent a good deal of
his life tracking down cures and treatments for many
of our modern ailments.
Well there seems to be a great deal of truth in the
research that Dr. Williams uncovered in regards to
Alzheimer's being cured by
a special regimen with a
natural supplement.
It turns out that many people, as young as 35, who are
under great stress, may be being attacked in a similar
manor to Alzheimer's and this treatment may be very
important for many of the jet set as well as the elderly!
A close Friend has had remarkable results with
this treatment.
You can call 1-800-843-8408
The book by Dr, Williams, "The Only Way to Reverse
Alzheimer's", is sometime used as a promotion for the
Alternatives Newsletter Subscription.
A Special Caution: Under the Obama administration new
health measures: If say a Woman is raped, because of the
stress gets some treatment for her nerves and this is
entered in her medical records. These medical records can
be turned over to the government authorities who, under the
new laws, could permanently ban her from having a gun to
protect herself from another Rape!
So the same thing applies to this. Do not talk about it!