Great Inventor Benjamin Franklin
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, for those of you who do not
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Fortune in Formulas
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After you have download all 10 file sets:
(1) Create a
new separate file with a new file name of your choice.
(2) This is best viewed with the Window's tool bar's
VIEW set to the Details Setting.
(3) Copy all the
individual files from the10 UnZipped file sets into this new file.
(4) Now click a couple of times on the bar just above the file names, in this new file, where it
says "Name".
(5) This will ORGANIZE the files in proper order.
(6) Make SURE that the final click leaves the "Welcome_Click_Here Folder" on top and just
below it: "PAGE_001-004__GUIDE.pdf" and so on in proper numerical order.
(7) Now, if possible, make a copy of this file on a CD-R disk for use, but it can be run
directly from the file as well. Now all of it should fit on
one CD-R.
Note: On some machines when you first start to use the PDF pages, The Adobe PDF
program will take a little while to come up, but then it goes as fast as you can read the
I hope that you enjoy this PDF book as much as I have!
Wayne J. Behrle

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Extract all files, if available.
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Computer, under Documents and click
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under Computer.
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NOTE: When the Estimated Time for download display in
Windows first comes up it can be way off !
One time when I was doing a test download, on Download 1
only, the estimated time for download showed 15 Hours!!, The
download only took about 11 actual minutes on a DSL modem.
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